Piste to Peak Ski Performance Series

Ski Technique instructional Videos that Explain...How... & Why?

Volume #1

Skiing Fundamentals
P2P Technical Foundation

Piste to Peak Volume #1 is our foundation instructional video covering the fundamentals of skiing technique. We've crammed in everything your ski instructor knows about going left and right on snow into 63 minutes of technical wizardry.

Volume #2

The Lost Art Of Slushy Bumps... Icy Bumps & Everything In Between

Piste to Peak Volume #2 is all about adapting your technique and tactics for moguls and off-piste terrain in a variety of snow conditions. Stop being intimidated by bumps and crud... and learn how to take advantage of the terrain (115 minutes).

Volume #3

Carving Corduroy
A Guide to Laying Railroad Tracks

Piste to Peak Volume #3 will teach concepts for carving and high performance skiing on groomed runs. Put these techniques and tactics to use to whoop ass in your next masters race... or just casually lay it over on your next cruiser day to impress your friends.

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What's Different about the Piste to Peak Series?

Drills and progressions that you’ll find in most ski instructional videos are great… if they meet the following criteria:

  1. They address your specific needs.
  2. You understand why you’re doing them.
  3. You have some sort of cue to signal whether you’re doing them effectively.

Piste to Peak videos will give you a solid understanding of ski technique fundamentals so you can relate specific movement patterns with specific results on the snow.

How Can I Improve My Skiing?

  • First, determine your goal for a particular piece of terrain... make it attainable.
  • Blend each of the skiing 'skills' appropriately to achieve the desired result.
  • Didn't achieve goal? Time to troubleshoot...
  • Experiment with different tactics and analyse results.
  • Devise a training strategy to develop any weak skills.
  • Goal Achieved? Time to step up the challenge level!

A ski technique video can't possibly be as good as real live student centered teaching... right?

Maybe not... but with all the great information we've crammed in, Piste to Peak videos are a pretty good alternative. They are designed to help you better understand ski technique and give you cues to monitor your own progress.

By the way, we do coaching in real life as well!

Are Piste to Peak videos worth paying for?

Well, to put it into perspective, one day of private lessons at a fancy resort costs about $600... that's $4,200 + tax + tip for a week... then you have to buy your instructor expensive draught beer at apres!

Volume #1 is $20 CAD (that's like $15USD)... and there's no tip required;) so we think it's pretty good value. But what the heck... If you really don't like it, we'll give you your money back.