Camps & Clinics
Camps & Clinics
Technical Enlightenment & Tactical Prowess
Our travelling ski and snowboard school provides all mountain performance clinics, steep & free-ride programs & other mountain adventures around the world.
Ski Instructor Courses
Ski Instructor Courses
Become a Ski Professional
Intensive & comprehensive, our ski instructor courses are designed to develop versatile skiers in all terrain & conditions while building leadership skills to prepare you for a career in the industry.
Snowboard Instructor Courses
Snowboard Instructor Courses
Become a Snowboard Pro
Want to be a snowboard instructor? The diversity of training on our instructor courses will develop you into a highly competent all mountain rider while earning your teaching certifications.
Instructional Ski Videos
Instructional Ski Videos
Visualize Your Way to Ski Mastery
Our Piste to Peak instructional ski video series will make you a master of all terrain & conditions simply by sitting in front of your TV! We do recommend actually going skiing on occasion as well.
Custom Courses
Custom Courses
Have a group?
From corporate professionals, to university clubs, to snow schools in need to staff training. If you have a group with custom requirements we can arrange just about anything on snow.
Backcountry Courses
Backcountry Courses
Mountain Leadership & Epic Adventures
Discover self reliance & earn your turns with a Section 8 wilderness adventure. Whether you're a weekend warrior or an aspiring guide, safety is the name of the game beyond the ski area boundary. We'll show you the ropes.

All Terrain All Conditions

Serious Learning – Becoming a Ski Instructor

Serious Learning

Section 8 Snowsport Institute offers Higher Education for Skiers & Snowboarders

Whether your goal is to become a ski or snowboard professional with our instructor training and mountain leadership courses, or reach technical enlightenment on one of our ski or snowboard improvement camps, we will do everything in our power to help you get there. Our family of highly experienced CSIA/CASI course conductors, specialty coaches and mountain guides are committed to the best in ski and snowboard education…

Section 8 – Ski & Snowboard Training

Serious Fun!

A word of caution though, participation in a Section 8 course has been known to result in ski or snowboard depedency, an inability to focus on your desk job and permanent relocation to the mountains.

  • Loved it. It really was one of the best times of my life. I can’t wait to do my level 2. Then who knows, maybe level 3. The staff were unreal, the coaches amazing and my course mates outrageous! I would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone. In between levels I plan to hit some of the Section 8 camps. Austria and Chile especially. Can’t wait!

    Euge Power (Australia) 2013 Basic Training
  • OMG, I don’t know how to say how amazing this course is. Before it started I was a bit nervous just because I was one of the youngest, but once it started it wasn’t a problem at all. People from all over the world, all different ages that all have the same passion… It was so cool. Awesome coaches that will push you to the limit, great team who encourages you all the time, amazing resort with variety of terrain… I couldn’t have had a better 3 months than this. I am so happy I decided to have a year off and take this course. I’m looking forward to working at Mount Washington next season!!! SECTION 8 ROCKS! Thanks guys 🙂

    Jenni deBellefeuille (Canada/Japan) 2013 Snowsport Leadership Training
  • I chose Section 8 because it offered the most. I felt like you guys were genuinely interested in improving us and making quality skiers/boarders out of us. People want to know that their money is being put in the right place and that they are going to get the most out of it and I had a blast, it was awesome, every minute of it. You guys are fantastic, you really made it unique for us. I can’t wait to see what next years Section 8 batch will be like. I want to be part of this forever!

    Richard Carson (New Zealand) 2012 Snowsport Leadership Training
  • I had the time of my life! The coaching was excellent and far surpassed my expectations. It was like a real life Karate Kid situation, where you were doing exercises which seemed irrelevant and fun but once it was explained and put back into your riding it all came together. Everything had a purpose and it improved my riding so much week on week! I researched all the other courses on the internet and this was by far the most comprehensive that I could find. It truly exceeded anything I could have expected.

    Saul Whitford (England) 2012 Snowsport Leadership Training
  • Thank you for the most epic 12 weeks. The course is amazingly well rounded, the instructors are the best, the location is absolutely stunning, and most importantly my skiing has improved, and it was heaps of fun in the process. I could not have asked for a better experience.

    Megan Day (Australia) 2011 Snowsport Leadership Training
  • My expectations were exceeded, I had an amazing time and learned a lot. The terrain and snow conditions were amazing and the atmosphere extremely cool… it’s the perfect setting for an all season training course.

    Eva Densing (Germany) 2011 Snowsport Leadership Training
  • If you want perfection go somewhere else! However, if you want to be in the hands of four of the hardest working ski and snowboarding instructors that you’re ever going to meet, put the mouse down! Tobin, Tom, Mike and Nigel aren’t perfect. Neither is the world we live in, shit just happens. But these guys will juke, jive and bust their rumps on behalf of every student. I’m just convinced that you can’t find a company with owners of better character to put your ski and snowboarding dreams in! That said, be advised that this isn’t a country club. This course is for people who want to be challenged and also want to work just as hard as the guys running it!

    Glenn Tanner (USA) 2015 Snowsport Leadership Training
  • It is the genuine enthusiasm and love of skiing and boarding and the wish to share that makes this course special!!! I think you’re doing much more than can reasonably be expected by anyone. Thumbs up!!!

    Lars Pederson (Denmark) 2010 Snowsport Leadership Training
  • I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course and can’t wait for the next adventure of surfing ahead. Section 8 has so much going on both inside and outside the course. I thought the name was a bit random but after watching Ski School I’ve been converted and proud to be part of Section 8… “We came, we partied, we conquered… now let’s dance!” Whoop Whoop!

    Suzie Jackson (England) 2010 Snowsport Leadership Training
  • What can I say about Section 8? Well, my time at Mount Washington was by far the best time any person has ever had! FACT! Thanks for such a great experience... Cant believe we crammed in so much in such a short time. Vancouver Island is amazing, Mount Washington is Epic and Section 8 you rock!!!! It is Magic;) Cheers Tobin, Mike and all the instructors!

    Tim Marshall (Uk/France) 2010 Snowsport Leadership Training
  • Attended 12 week course winter 09/10 at Mount Washington Alpine Resort... Gained: C.A.S.I. level 1 & C.A.S.I. level 2 & C.A.S.I Freestyle Park, A.S.T. level 1 & A.S.T. level 2 & Wilderness First Aid & CPR C… Section 8 rocks!! You just can’t wish for more!!”

    Rob de Bliek (Netherlands) 2010 Snowsport Leadership Training
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