Piste to Peak Volume #3

  • This instructional training video is ideal for Intermediate to expert level skiers who want to understand techniques and tactics for the highly coveted carve.
  • Contains everything you need to know to carve groomers like their going out of style all crammed into 49 minutes... Fortunately carving will never go out of style! 

Piste to Peak Volume #3

Carving Corduroy

 $29 - Digital Download

Meet The Coach

Tobin Leopkey took his first ski instructor course in 1992 at the age of 16. Now slightly creakier in his 40's he is still passionate about teaching people to slide down a snowy hill. He is a Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA)  certified a Level 4 instructor and former member of the CSIA High Performance Team. Having taught at many resorts along the way, Tobin is currently owner and head coach of Section 8 Snowsport Institute, where he runs ski instructor courses, mountain leadership programs and all mountain ski technique camps around the world.

What's Different About P2P3?

Piste to peak Ski Instruction Videos

A Guide to Laying Railroad Tracks

Building on the concepts from P2P1 and P2P2, Piste to Peak Volume #3 will teach concepts for carving and high performance skiing on groomed runs. Put these techniques and tactics to use to whoop ass in your next masters race... or just casually lay it over on your next cruiser day to impress your friends.

WARNING: P2P3 is meant to be consumed in bite sized chunks. We've crammed in a lot of info... so for best results we recommend enjoying one chapter at a time, working on some of the concepts learned before moving onto the next. There's a whole season's worth of things to experiment with.