The Secret Snow Sliding SoCiety

Vancouver Island Chapter

The Secret Snow Sliding Society


You’re lucky enough to stumble upon the Secret Snow Sliding Society of Vancouver Island. 

Science Friction Ski Camp


 An exclusive season-long training program with the Island’s top coaches

  • Conquer the slopes of Mount Washington as you uncover Section 8’s techniques and tactics.
  •  Forge bonds with fellow snow sliding addicts while you elevate your skiing game.
  • Discover the Island’s secret lines… and have crazy fun!
  • Reach snow sliding enlightenment.

Shhh, it’s a secret.

Find your group of like minded snow sliders

The Groomer Group


Sessions for the intermediate (blue run skier) who wants to build confidence and consolidate technique.

We’ll develop steering versatility on all those beautiful groomed runs at a relaxed pace.

Mogul Mashers

Sessions for advanced skiers who wish to improve technique and tactics in a variety of terrain. From carving the cruisers to crushing the bumps. 

We’ll ski blues and blacks with purpose, developing versatility and adaptability.

Team Gnar

Sessions for those who want to push the envelope and refine technique in all terrain and conditions.

We’ll ski the whole mountain, developing versatility, adaptability and creativity at an expert pace.

Join any secret session running every Friday and Saturday

A typical SSSS session will start with a morning technical focus, followed by plenty of guided mileage and fun but focused free skiing throughout the day. We’ll use frequent video analysis to log your progress throughout the season. 

Make Measurable Progress Our Weekly Themed Skill Sessions

These weekly themes are just a guideline and will be adjusted to the goals and skill level of each participant as well as the condtions on the mountain. We understand that when things get too easy, you get bored, and when things get too difficult, you get frustrated. Our goal is to keep you in your personal challenge zone where you’re learning lots and having fun.

*Please note the SSSS Powder Clause: If it snows significantly we’re probably going to ditch the technical theme, skip lift lines and shred powder! We’ll shift the focus to all mountain tactics in whatever conditions mother nature provides.

Week #1: Rotational Control - Steering for Speed Management and Corridor Control - Braquage Mastery

Week #2: Edge Control - Inclination and the Angulation Spectrum - Rollers Blades vs Hippies

Week #3: Pressure Control - The Mother skill… Vertical & Fore/Aft - Jibs and Transitions

Week #4: Carving Clean Tracks

Week #5: Spiess Mastery… Coordination to conquer the steeps

Week #6: The DOLPHIN - Fore aft pressure mastery (using the virtual bump vs using a real one)

Week #7: One Ski Wonders - Balance and commitment

Week #8: Loading, Deflection & Ski Performance

Week #9: Objective Objectives

Week #10: Terrain Play & Tactics

Week #11: Getting Laid Over

Week #12: All Mountain Fun!

SSSS All You Can Eat Training Packages for 12 weeks

5 Session Pass

10 Session Pass

Full Season Pass

What You Get:

  • Access to live coaching every Friday and Saturday. Select the on snow session dates that suit you this season (dates can be managed in your members portal and must be booked/or cancelled at least 3 days in advance to ensure we have the right coaches).   
  • One full season of personal online coaching through the OnForm video analysis app. You have access to all your videos and feedback so you can monitor progress over the season. 
  • SSSS Schag
  • Year end social event?

Join Us!

Limited spaces available

View of Mt Albert Edward from mount Washington Alpine Resort on Vancouver Island Canada