Our Training Guarantee

Many course providers boast suspiciously “high pass rates.”

Not Section 8… We just back our training instead.

This always makes me laugh! To be honest, I’ve never seen any evidence that one particular company has a higher pass rate than any other… and I find this especially ironic seeing as most companies hire out third party snow schools to do all their training for them.

Here at Section 8 we make no such claims. We are however, pretty confident in our training so we offer something that no one else is willing to.

Although it takes a fair bit of commitment and focused effort to pass the certifications on our instructor courses, we are passionate about teaching skiing, snowboarding and leadership skills and we sincerely want to do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

Ski and snowboard instructor exams are not easy (pass rates are normally much lower than traditional school courses) and no one can promise that you will pass the first time around. However, if you are willing to put in the time and effort… then so are we.

Our “training guarantee” promises you the absolute best training available and if for some reason you are not successful on your CSIA or CASI level 1 or even level 2 exams… then we will train you for FREE until you do.

How it works:

As a trainee with Section 8, if you are not successful on any part of your CSIA or CASI level 1 or 2 exams, then the following season we invite you to come back and join in on any training sessions of the same course. Keep coming until you are confident enough to pass! You will need to take care of your own lift passes, accommodation, exam fees and other expenses but the training is completely FREE of charge!

*(Please note – The ‘Training Guarantee’ is subject to your keen participation and attendance during the course. It is not valid for level 3 trainees or for WFA or AST certifications and Section 8 reserves the right to refuse training for non compliance with our policies… or for folks who failed simply because of a plain old bad attitude.)