Backcountry Skills Courses

& Mountain Leadership Training

Escape the Resorts Crowds

Experience the freedom of being self reliant in a remote mountain environment… and perhaps shred a little untouched powder while your at it!

Section 8 has always integrated backcountry components into our instructor training and mountain leadership programs as we believe it is an important part of the overall mountain experience.

Now you can take these backcountry skills components as a stand alone course.

Pathfinder Program
Pathfinder Program
6 Weeks
Coast Range, Canada
Pathfinder Program
Fast track your knowledge of the backcountry wilderness. This intensive 6 week mountain leadership course will give you the knowledge to safely explore the wild mountains on skis or a board and set you up with some prerequisite certifications if you're looking to begin your journey towards guiding.
Ski Leadership Training
Ski Leadership Training
12 - 15 Weeks
Vancouver Island, BC Canada
Ski Leadership Training
Higher Education Unique Location!
Section 8's original SLT program. 12 - 15 week comprehensive ski course on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. - CSIA Level 1 & 2 Certification
- CSIA Teaching Children Module
- CSIA - Freeride / Park module
- CAC - AST 1 & 2 Certifications
- 90hr Wilderness First Aid & CPR C
Heli Accessed Ski Adventure
Heli Accessed Ski Adventure
3 Days
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Heli Accessed Ski Adventure
Into the wild Section 8 style. Accessing the remote peaks of Canada's coast range is the tricky part... so on this trip we use a helicopter to whisk us into the mountains then climb and ski from there. Some prior backcountry experience is recommended. April 2016
Science Friction Project - Ski Technique Self Assessment Tool

Outsmart your ski instructor

& troubleshoot your own technique?

  • Join the ‘Science Friction Club’ and get a little taste of what you’ll learn on a Section 8 course…. don’t worry it’s FREE.
  • Troubleshoot your ski technique and learn to assess others with our downloadable skill assessment tool.
  • Receive cool ski tips and other snow sliding words of wisdom.
  • Get to know what Section 8 is all about and stay informed about camps, instructor training and mountain leadership courses.

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