Waiting for the Drop part. 2

After last nights debortuary at the infamous Fat Teddys pub on the mountain, I awoke to find that the majority of the lads had brave the hangover and hit the slopes.  Maybe Im just getting old but the bed was far too comfortable.  No! thats not true at all.  One of the few short comings of skiing everyday is the minor injuries…….. my left ankle hurts….. a little and you… Continue reading

Waiting for the Drop

The First of many entries

Having spent the past 3 days on Mt Washington with my fellow section 8ers Ive come to realise that there is a sense of uncertainty of what is to come for us over the next 3 month.  There is no sense of nervousness, just a snow infested lust to dive head first into the great unknown.  We all come from different walks of life, different… Continue reading

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