Into the White: Part 1


To be fair I really had no idea what to expect when it comes to being instructed in skiing.  I think my last lesson was about 15 years ago, and that was only for a day.  Naturally a 10 year old doesn’t retain much information to do with technique. It becomes more of a monkey see monkey do kind of situation.  That is not at all what happened today.

We were split into three groups, two groups of skiers and one for the boarders.  For my group it was all about reconditioning technique.  90% of skiers and snowboarders can get down a mountain one way or another, some prefer still standing others opt for a different part of their body, such as sliding on your back or front. In the end you get down don’t you?  But there is much to be said about technique.  Nigel spent the morning explaining why the position of your body was so important for control, centralising the body with your shoulders over your toes and flowing in and out of every turn.  Here is the tricky part though, you have to keep your upper body neutral with your hips and knees doing all the turning. What the?  I believe the analogy used was ‘blowing an inflatable doll up to full pressure then letting out a bit of air’ so that that the body is limber.  Suffice to say that the teaching is as much of a laugh as it is a lesson in forgetting all that you know about skiing and rebuilding your style off that.  The joy is that the better you get the more you enjoy the thing that we all love.

The team at Section 8 are a true credit to the snow sport industry, such passion but also a care free attitude that makes it an absolute joy to be around.  A collection of extremely skilled and techniquely sound instructors without a doubt the best I have ever had the privilege of skiing with.  For someone who learns from what they see, you can’t get any better than what is offered here.

Not to cut this short but I actually stopped half way through writing this to meet the entire Section 8 crew and have a few drinks.  I won’t spoil it for those who wish to do this course but there is a particular initiation that involves a unique concoction of beverage and followed but the obvious consumption of other beverages.  This last half of the blog is me half on my way to having a good time.  So I must be gone but as always watch this space.



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